Here are some of my favorite dive videos.

In 2005, John Chatterton and Richie Kohler were invited to join an expedition to the Titanic.

Note - the original video had a wonderful soundtrack. However, YouTube wouldn't allow the video to be played on mobile devices, so we decided to remove the original music. Now more people can watch the video. Enjoy...

In 1991, the wreck of the Andrea Doria had been on the bottom for 35 years. It was called, the Mount Everest of Wreck Diving for a reason. It offered virtually limitless penetrations of the interior. Deep wreck divers from around the world came to the Doria simply because of its reputation for being deep, dark, and dangerous.... and it really was. This is the video from a dive I made in 1991, to the Second Class kitchen.


This is my first Trimix dive on the German submarine, U869, in 1992.

A two part video of the 1994 Starfish Enterprise Expedition to the RMS Lusitania, off the south coast of Ireland.

All videos edited by Duck Diver Productions