Project Files

This is my collection of backround information on projects that I've been involed in over the years.  I've worked on many projects that have ended up on Television, or have been the subject of books.

Oak Island 10-X Dive

Howard Ehrenberg and myself were contacted about the possibility of conducting dives at a site known as the 10X Shaft, on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. After preliminary discussions, Howard and I were convinced we could do the dive, but the question was going to be how? Our first step in preparing for the dives would be to start developing our dive Continue Reading

Pearl Harbor and the Japanese Midget Submarines

The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, on December 7th, 1941, was a two pronged attack, comprised of both aerial and underwater components. Five Midget submarines were launched from I-Class mother subs, at the entrance to the harbor. The five Midgets took part in the attack, but history was unclear as to what degree. Remains of two of the midget subs were located Continue Reading


  The U-869 Project File: The discovery of the wreck of a German submarine off the coast of New Jersey in 1991, and its positive identification as the U869 six years later, was a project that involved some interesting research, and challenging diving. I have a filing cabinet full of the research that we conducted. Shortly after the identification, John Continue Reading