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Interesting reading on JPAC, and how the Defense Department is changing the way they are recovering the remains... fb.me/37hjMrqpA

About 3 weeks ago from John Chatterton's Twitter via Facebook

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  • Remembering 911: First Person
    Remembering 911: First Person

    It was only months since I had finished treatment for cancer, and after all the surgery, chemo and radiation, I had not only survived, but


  • A Grate Day on the Andrea Doria

    For me in 1988, the summer was Doria Season. I was a Mate on Bill Nagle’s dive boat, the Seeker, and for a good part


  • Send Lawyers Guns & Money
    Send Lawyers Guns & Money

    A few years ago, my friend Richie organized a trip to the Andrea Doria. This infamous Northeast wreck is a challenging dive by any standard