Hollis F-1 Bat Fins

John with Hollis F1 Fin

Me with my F-1 fins after diving the wrecks of the RBJ and the Chris Corey 260 FSW.  Pompano Beach, Florida

The things I love about the Hollis Bat Fins are so simple, I can’t believe it took so long for a manufacturer to figure it out!! There are all sorts of gimmicky fin designs out there, but the split, vented, hinged, plasticy, whatever fins just do not work for me, and the way I want to dive. I like utility, efficiency, and comfort for the long dive.

The Bat Fin is just like the old heavy duty rubber fins, but totally refined. The rubber material gives the fin itself great snap, but it also makes for a very, very comfortable foot pocket. The fin spring strap is very comfortable as well, and it is the perfect design for wrecks. They have a very streamlined, and featureless side strap connection, so they are far less likely to get entangled in mono or wires, which is good. The heel tabs make the fins fast and easy to remove on the ladder in crappy weather.

I get great kick with these fins even when my hydrodynamics are somewhat challenged with Tek stuff. Aside from all that, these fins are rugged, but relatively light. ┬áDid I mention they were really comfortable? I love these fins… in black. :)

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2 comments on “Hollis F-1 Bat Fins
  1. Bryan Oiler says:

    Thank you john for the review. I have been trying to get my Dive Buddies and our PSDA Team to switch over to these for a couple of years now. Now maybe they will listen? OH well you know the old saying “you can lead a horse to water” thing right? Anyway thanks again. Bryan Oiler

  2. Endurance Swimmer says:

    Most of the cave diving community over here either use Jet Fins or Hollis F1s. Recently i replaced my fins with F1s as the heel spring i felt was easier to pull on rather than Jets and yet are known to still be capable of all the same maneuvering whilst still being more powerful with a standard kick and good for frog kicks too. So far Im very pleased with them.

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